March 11, 2012

Studio Visit: Mery Lynn McCorkle

On my way to Atlanta, I stopped by Mery Lynn McCorkle's rural studio in northwest Georgia. I met Mery Lynn in Los Angeles. In addition to having double first names, we both moved back south about the same time. Mery Lynn's been working with glitter lately. The recent works reference single cell organisms and begin with layered washes on primed panels which she then builds up by laying in areas of glitter. Check out more of her work here. 

Glitter and harvested parts. 

Studio view



Carla said...

I'd say you have my attention, especially with the "and harvested parts".

Is that a blue dog Democrat?

Mery Lynn said...

The dog insists she's a blue blooded anarchist.

Thanks for the studio visit, MAH! Did think it telling that you responded most to the angular piece and I responded to your non diaristic pieces best. Since the curvilinear and personal are considered more feminine than the angular/geometric and conceptual, we both apparently have assimilated that bias pretty thoroughly.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

My pleasure, Mery Lynn.