March 30, 2012

Teaser: Studio Coffee Break is Officially Percolating

One of the early warning signs of being happy is that I can tell I'm walking around with a slight smile on my face. I met a man who knew a man that...Okay, what really happened is that I met D. who knew S. S. runs a speakeasy tucked away in a back alley. Okay, it's not actually a speakeasy, and back alley is a stretch, but it's a place that brews the most elite espresso I've ever imagined. During the second or forth shot, I pitched Studio Coffee Break to S. while mentally logging a conversation where the words, cheese whiz and cappuccinos, were spoken in the same sentence. S. went for it. In fact, he loved the idea. Loved. And since there's no time like the present, I'm going to test drive it next week and report back. Check for the scoop on FB. Part of the deal is that it stay slightly private. Exclusive, even. Your curiosity is piqued, is it not? Mine too. I was a bit jumpy when I left. I swear I'll just have one next time.

In other news, the estimable Sharon Butler stopped by the compound on her way back to DC. I forgot to snap pics. You'll just have to believe me. The visit was way too short, but maybe I can snag her and a few others back for a Studio Coffee Break session this summer. I'll start embroidering the guest towels in case the micro-residency books up.


Nomi Lubin said...

Yes, this qualifies as teaser. Good work!

Mery Lynn said...

Caffeine, the drug of choice of most artists.