March 03, 2012

Cooking with Gas*

I finally uploaded the recent work to my flickr site and a private album on FB visible only to me.

I'm still in the hush hush stage. The show is in 3 months, which sounds like a long time from now, but I need images for press etc., and well, eventually one needs to say, "stop" and begin again. Or not. But if I have to have a cut-off point, I guess it's now since I need to submit an image for the card. I still have more to paint. If I'm lucky, I'll always have more to paint. The next month or so will be tricky in the studio. How to keep painting, while prepping. How not to drift too far. Maybe I'll clean the palette. Maybe I reorganize the studio. I've neglected a lot of things around the house. The car needs fixing. When it warms up, maybe I'll finally make the garage studio a nicer place to work this spring and summer. Perhaps I'll paint a wall white. I have to move out of the other studio. I'm tired of dust. I caught a mouse. I used an old fashioned trap, and I am truly sorry, but it seemed more humane than anything else, other than taking an excursion to the park with a mouse in my car. I thought about my mom. She would have done that. The excursion. Actually, no, she wouldn't have done anything. There was evidence of mice when I moved in. I cleaned, I emptied out drawers and things. Not all of them. There's still more to do. I don't know how this one got in. I think through my furnace. Some kind of ground covering has overtaken the dog yard and part of the driveway. It's green, slightly spongy to walk on, invasive. A parallel universe could be thriving underneath it. Maybe I won't have to mow so much. I've already had 2 espressos and my salty snack sugar fix for the day. I should just pick an image and be done with it. I just love this awkward holding period where I wait to let go of the current work, so I can keep moving on. Not really. It makes me anxious.

* Thanks to Nomi for today's post title. 

And meanwhile, another nice review for my piece at The Torrance Art Museum.

The show comes down March 10th.


Carla said...

Nice review! I'd be flouting about.

I like to be done with a show and into another body of work when the show opens, at least mentally.

Nomi Lubin said...

Ha! Didn't see this til just now.