July 08, 2011

Today, I am sick of green paint.

Awkward day in the studio. I chopped off about 3-6 inches of hair this morning.  Gauging how the rest of the day went, I suspect my painting powers were stored in my tresses. I'm also sick of green paint. It was inevitable. I need to use color again. Dammit. I thought I was on a nature roll. I have to fill a tree cavity. Dammit again. Home Depot owns me.


vincenthawkins said...

i get like that... no i haven't any hair.... thinking i am going in a certain direction only to find that it wasn't to be .... There is something your secret " insides"
has decided, independently. Its very inconvenient ... some might say willful and mean.

Carla said...

3" -6" seems like a very wide variance, when it comes to diy hair cutting.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

Ah Vincent, the 'secret insides' being willful and mean. Quite cryptic, but I think I get it. I was reworking an old painting that irked me, and was trying to force it to be something it obviously didn't want to be. I finally made something up and called it a day. It's got a paint store full of paint in it, or at least the memory of such. I'm finally pleased with it- in an underachiever kind of way. Like it finally crossed the finish line hours after the race was over, and you still cheer. That's what it is now.

Carla, it's the next step above DIY- my mom's hairdresser. $18. I posted about this place before. I'm the only one in the joint under 80. It's a Beauty Shop. They have hairdryer chairs. She does a good job- no frills. Instead of getting a trim, I asked for it to be just above my shoulders. She was hesitant, but I was sick of getting whiplash every time my purse strap got tangled in it. I can't tell exactly how much I lost- enough to go without a cut for another 6 months. I wear it up most of the time anyway, except obviously when it was getting tangled in my purse strap. I should know by now that an impulsive cut is never the way to go for me.

lucy mink said...

I cut my hair so short in heat wave last summer, only to realize it now was to short to tie back, heat and my hair have a bad relationship. as far as painting goes, well you have been doing some self portraits, it becomes part of that. Hair grows, its nice to get rid of the old stuff thats been around for a while. I wanted to just wear my swim cap around last summer to cover up my bad haircut, i almost did a self portrait in swim cap because i was swimming at the Y so much then................I wore my swim cap on halloween when trick or treating with the kids as part of my whatever costume.

if i could have your look Vincent I would in a heart beat, i actually get annoyed by hair, my favorite haircut is the lead in the "Legend of Billie jean" movie

Mary Addison Hackett said...

I love the idea of a self-portrait in a swim cap and halloween costume. That's really great. It seems I spent half my life growing out my hair from various hair style personas. I finally landed on a cut that I can roll out of bed with and suddenly this summer i wanted an ice princess bob, only I can't pull off the ice princess bob look without looking draconian. I went back today and had her do a mini- layer around my face and I feel better now. Yes, it grows. Whew. Funny, too because I worked on another SP today. I'll post when done.