July 25, 2011

FYI, Process got booted off G+ and I'm on the fence about it as a networking tool.

Process's G+ account was deleted a few days ago due to some mass action deleting going on. I have appealed. There was no objectionable content and I had just begun to post some links. I was hoping G+ would enable the blog to gain exposure and turn into forum for discussion. 

Supposedly they're going to roll out a business account thing, but the blog is not a business. If it is, then I need to revamp my mission statement. " art. documentation. details.
 studio. painting. life. copious amounts of cash and fame." But in all honesty, I'm more concerned about my landscapes and representational work, and my alleged rejection of abstract painting. I'm locking up all tubes of green today and barring contact between yellow and blue. 


Dane Carder said...

it is war, if it is anything.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

I've soapboxed on all the platforms. I am but a humble blog who goes by the name of Process.

lucy mink said...

i love green, especially when you add cad red in small doses............unlock unlock