July 16, 2011

Studio Envy, Landscape and Flow.

I forgot how exactly I came across Michael J. Abrams work, but artists, galleries and posts about the Hudson Valley have been filtering into my life lately, particularly since my trip to NY last spring. My next trip to NY will include a trip the the Hudson Valley.  I love this image of his studio and the statement about his work from Emily Amy Gallery's website. It's currently my screen saver. I figure if I look at it every day, my living room will miraculously turn into THE working studio, though I still have a couple of hurdles to overcome.

I'm not complaining about lack of space or formidable studio conditions. Somehow it's working for me. If I had a posh studio, maybe I'd sit around and eat lemon tarts from Trader Joe's all day, so maybe unconventional has been good. I think about that. Like seriously, what if the only thing I had to do was paint? Would it work? What would drive me if I had nothing to maintain?

Based upon the recent review about Leon Kossoff's cherry tree paintings and Michael Abram's landscapes of the Hudson Valley, I think I'm seeing a fantasy group exhibition develop. There's a shared sensibility having to do with Place, a specific or particular place, as opposed to a scene. And since it's a fantasy exhibition, I'll be curating myself into it. I've known people to hobnob for worse.


Carla said...

I hear the call of Hudson Valley as well. It's to the tune Bali Hai.

lucy mink said...

Everyday I look across my rental backyard at the most perfect barn that is not ours, It smells of perfect studio, although its NH and not hudson valley I want to kidnap it for myself. I check my mailbox everyday to see if I have been rejected (or not) for the P/K grant, its been 6 months. I like being in the unknown time a little.

I like working with what I have, making the best of it, it never stops me from painting, but i need more space in general and more paint.

i like those beams in the photo

lemon tarts would end up in your paintings

Mary Addison Hackett said...

I'm in the middle of the PK process. Good luck to you. I just need to commit to getting rid of some furniture in my LR. Growing up in this house, I've been slow to make drastic changes. I need fresh eyes every so often, and a no fear 'tude, and some movers.

lemon tarts, yes.

Carla, it's like the Song of The Sirens to me. I'm wary of the reality.