July 20, 2011

I mourn the loss of the printed word.

There are no bookstores here in town. None. Okay, there's one, "Books a Million" or something, and they don't carry art magazines. There are a few used bookstores, but unless I buy an iPad or do something radical like subscribe, there's a good chance I'll go through the rest of my life never seeing another art magazine unless I plan a vacation around visiting a city with a bookstore.

I live in the capital of Tennessee. One bookstore. I could cook organic meals, parent toddlers and get the latest on Southern fashion and guns, but it's been a year and I'm worried I'll never read an intelligent article about art in print again. When I called to see if Books A Million carried Flash Art, they asked if it was a comic book. I weep. Gently, I weep.

Today I worked on the computer doing stuff I dread doing, but do anyway since it gives me a sense of purpose now that I can't thumb through picture magazines. Plus occasionally I think about a jailbreak. It's been awhile since I've actively pursued a gallery and I'm also looking for grants.

Yesterday was a studio day. I went to the train car studio, worked listlessly on four paintings in the sweltering heat, and discovered 4 jars of capped and sealed acrylics had not survived the summer.  They were the consistency of dried mud. I systematically went through the rest of the jars and discovered they had thickened but were usable. A few showed signs of pigment separating from binder. I stirred those, and think they'll be okay. Last summer the acrylics were stored in the home studio, aka the garage, Still not climate controlled, but not a metal boxcar either. I moved them to a dark corner.

I discovered Henry O. Tanner's online exhibit at the Smithsonian the other day. He's a mystical painter. 

And this is a fingerprint of mine I found on a painting after shooting my work. It's not that obvious in real life. I only noticed it when adjusting the contrast and looking at it blown way up. 

The nature thing still freaks me out with amazement. He/she was outside my bedroom room window.

And a catalog arrived in the mail. 2008 seems so long ago. 


Carla said...

I was thinking about the vanishing bookstores yesterday. Even with Borders closing, we will still have several Barnes & nobles around, along with all the independents. I've found it's impossible to browse around in the stores now, because the cell phone usage is so disruptive.

I love those Henry O. Tanners, and congrats again on the catalogue. The painting looks great.

Elaine Mari said...

Un believe able, no bookstore, it's like my former home, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, pop 25000, in the 80's until one tiny Coles Bookstore opened in the Mall.

Love that first Landscape, love.

Congrats on the catalogue, looks great.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

In a way it's good. I used to spend serious cash on art mags and books. VoilĂ , cash leak plugged. Don't mind me, I just live in a remote village in the 6th largest nation in the world.

Thanks. It's a gentle reminder I spent the last 20 years in cryogenic storage and recently emerged painting landscapes in a city without books.