May 01, 2011

More green.

Yesterday was sunny and warm. I got up early and went to cheer on some marathoners and half marathoners. When I got home I ran my measly 3.5 miles at the park nearby. 
My timing was not so good. I stopped a few times. I am still amazed by nature. Snake, above.

Then I noticed the fallen limbs sticking out of the lake. 

I went to the studio and finished another painting, but I need to stare at it more before I post it. It has stripes in it and falls into the strangely figurative category. I've been out of L.A for about 10 months and am surprised by how much gossip/news I've missed. Another gallery I really liked has closed. I wouldn't have called that one at all.

This has always been one of my favorite views. It's a large pond of algae. Since high school, I've
run, walked, or driven by this view hundreds of times and I still am mesmerized by the algae. More green. When I got home from my run, I signed up for a 5K at then end of the month. Goals are good. They're transferable. 

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Steven LaRose said...

My word verification is "odistry" which for this post means: Walking and looking are good.