May 02, 2011

A Photograph

Hackett, The Syndic of the Rope Toy's Guild, 2011, Photobooth on Laptop
I'm tempted to paint this, but it goes against my theory of painting something from a photograph, especially when my only reason to paint it is because I love the photograph. It reminds me of a Dutch Master. Still, never say never.

Rembrandt, The Syndics of the Clothmaker's Guild, 1662, oil on canvas

Speaking of which, it's been out for almost a decade now, but I just downstreamed Art City the other night. The Simplicity episode was good and it was kind of fun seeing a few peeps I brushed elbows with from the real world. Agnes Martin was a rock. Inspiring.

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Ann Knickerbocker said...

Agnes Martin is fabulous... Still! I really like the juxtaposition of the photograph (somewhat wild) and the somber men in stiff collars... A perfect, if unlikely, pairing! I am a painter, too... Visit my site when you have time! Have a good afternoon!