May 13, 2011

The New York Post: Blogging, like housework, is tough to catch up once you're behind.

5.13. 11 Blogger was down. My post was lost. I've recreated it from the last saved draft. Lesson learned. Note: Links to spaces are still there, but invisible. (?) Blogger is still having issues.

New York was fantastic. I stayed at an apartment in Williamsburg. I made french press coffee and logged a 3-mile run every morning. I mapped out an itinerary, but got distracted. I missed a few shows I wanted to see, and took in a few that I didn't know about. The opening was wonderful. I met a small slew of great people at the opening and continued meeting a small slew of people over the weekend. I also hooked up with a couple of folks I had been wanting to meet in person. The show was curated by Mery Lynn McCorkle and Luisa Caldwell.

Two of my recent watercolors are in the show:

"There is a Tree Outside My Window," 2011. watercolor and gouache on paper

"Let Me Go Home," 2011. watercolor and gouache on paper

Shaky-cam video of the opening. 

Roland Reiss

Marilla Palmer

Mery Lynn McCorkel

Luisa Caldwell

Norma Markley

David Kramer

Rebecca Graves

Everything's Coming up Roses. WG News + Art, Williamsburg,  50 – 52 Dobbin Street / Brooklyn, NY 11222
Gallery Hours: May 7 – May 28: Open Saturdays 12-4 or by appointment: (917) 304-6213 / (917) 656-6048 / (706) 528-2306 /

Part II. 

The rest of the trip, backtracking a little.
MoMA in the afternoon/evening. I stared at this for a while. It's a beautiful watercolor in person.

George Grosz (American, 1893-1959. Born and died in Germany)
.a (recto): Circe .b (verso): Untitled

Liam Gillick, "The State Itself Becomes a Super Whatnot”

Adam Horovitz DJ in the sculpture garden that evening. Everyone was taking his picture. 

I shazamed most of the playlist, but had to sign up for the full version in the process, so missed a few. It was worth the app fee. 

Various elevations. Mostly Chelsea. I wanted to stick with seeing painting shows, but it didn't work out that way.

I ran the Williamsburg Bridge. I didn't see the ped entrance so I ran the bike entrance up. One false step and a cyclist would have flattened me without thinking twice. On the other side I discovered the pedway. Much safer.

Fell in love with the High Line. This is kind of a nice photograph for an iPhone, yes? I think so.

Vadis Turner at Lyons Weir

 Juan Uslé at Cheim and Read

John Chamberlain at Gagosian on 24th

Jennifer Wynne Reeves at Ramis Barquet

Coffee at I Was Hoping It Wasn't a Mirage. 

I did all of that BEFORE the opening. Friday was a busy day.

Peter Fagundo and Doug Young at Sugar in Bushwick

Went to Bushwick and met Gwendolyn Skaggs of Sugar. Had a wonderful discussion with Gwendolyn about the various intersections of art and life. The art world is small. It helps when you move around the country I suppose, but the six degrees of separation thing is like 2 degrees max in the art world. I've been interested in the idea of domestic exhibition spaces since I began working with small paintings. (More on that later.) It was a great visit. The current show is "Working Together" with Peter Fagundo and Doug Young. 

Then up the street to Regina Rex. 

Forrest Myers, still from Two Million Colors and Their Opposite, 1981/2011
@Regina Rex

I don't know who did the sofa out of springs, but it was surprisingly comfortable place to watch the vid.

Guerra Paint. It's not just a paint store, it's an experience. My micro order arrive today. This is what I will be spending all my money on:

Met Sharon Butler of 
Two Coats at her studio, who after an all too brief studio visit whisked us away to the East Village. Sharon was a most excellent gallery guide and all-around great person to hang with on a Sunday afternoon. More great conversations about the various intersections of art and life. We also started a conversation on abstraction, but I don't think we finished it.

Sharon Butler at her studio.

Elizabeth Condon at Lesley Heller

Running into Mira Schor and Susan Bee

Lynda Benglis at The New Museum

George Condo at The New Museum

Rafaella Chiara at frosch & portman


Carla said...

Oh wow, I am vicarously stoked and warm-fuzzied all at once. I so wanna go now.

Carla said...

And I love the twiggy watercolors. And guerra, I always forget about that place. That's the place for serious pigment.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

It was a great trip. I'm trying to hold out on exchanging everything I own for a few magic beans, but never say never.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

I get the feeling that nature is a hot commodity up there. I don't know if I could do urban 365/24/7.