April 27, 2011

Consider this sound art..

"Talk Talk," 2011, a/c, 14" x 11"

"Hello America," 2011, a/c, 54" x 54"

The studio is slowly flooding, though I use that word lightly. Water is seeping in slowly. You can't hear it. I am using the studio garbage can and the Rubbermaid step stool as a marker. Currently about 1/3 of the garage studio floor is wet. In the kitchen, the NOAA weather radio is on. You are listening to NOAA all weather radio, the voice of national weather service. all hazards. I like the traditional male robot voice. When I turn on the weather radio, I forget, or get too lazy to tun it off. It repeats for hours sometimes, droning on and on about flood levels and high winds and thunderstorms. Background ambiance. In the back of the house the clock radio went off. NPR the news. More weather. The clock radio  is done. The voice of the weather is barking out the flood levels of various rivers and streams. Turn around. Don't drown. At 22 point zero feet. Wind advisory from 9 am to 7pm this evening. Tornado watch. smith dixon watch area weather condition noaa weather radio 9 am objects. 57 miles per hour.


Carla said...

I really like Talk Talk. I like the ledgey space with the gymnast in mid-flip, all seen from below and at an angle. Great color too.

Carla said...

Not a gymnast. A chipmunk or other furry brown broken creature jumping while carrying a meteorite. Sorry, I don't ever do that though. I'll consider this a one time description indulgence.