May 27, 2011

I'm a sucker for painterly abstraction. Big Surprise, I know.

Annie Lapin at Honor Fraser. Click on link for review.
The Frozen Aftervisions of Virtue, 2011
Oil and acrylic on canvas 64 x 66 inches

I'm selling my half-box french easel. It's listed on craigslist, ebay and facebook marketplace. It's in great shape, rarely used. It's lighter to tote around than the full-box. Back before I was blogging, way back, well, not really that far back, but let's go with 2002 or so- back when I had nary a care in the world other than where my next bottle of champers was coming from- I took a plein air class up in Santa Rosa California so that I could turn around and teach plein air painting from the point of view of a plein air painter, rather the the point of view of an abstract painter. It was useful. I learned that painters organize their palettes in some kind of orderly fashion mimicking the color wheel. I tried that for maybe 3 weeks. Or 2 weeks. Or less. It slowed me down, so I went back to my wayward ways. Though I might not appear the type to blend in with the plein air crowd, I enjoyed the class since one of my closet pleasures consists of secretly admiring what I perceive to be the carefree lifestyle of painters ´a la American Artist or Watercolor Magazine. Don't ask. It's a holdover from childhood. I taught myself how to draw and paint from the How-to pages of those magazines. Fang went with me on that trip. We camped in a state park and I thought about buying a Westfalia and converting it into a mobile studio. I thought about that again this weekend. 

I broke a 10 min mile today, averaging 9:36 a mile. That's crazyfast for me. I was suspect that I made some sort of calculating mistake, but I've had a few runs where I've broken 10, so although it seemed fast for me, it's not impossible.

F1 racing this Sunday at the ungodly hour of 7am CST. I'm considering running over to the local strip-mall bar to watch it on the big screen. 

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