February 03, 2011

grrr brrr grrr brrr grrr brrr grrr.

I'm going to sound like a wimp, but I tried to run today and gave up after my eyelashes froze and I had a tear duct freeze up due to the wind. It's not even that cold. I'm guessing in the teens with windchill. I'm just sick of it. If I were snowbound, I'm not sure how I'd be coping. Possibly related, for the first time in forever, I completely gave into making angry gestural paintings. Those meditative watercolor clusters  gave way to acrylic paint and awkward strokes. Scribbling scrawls, scrubbing dragging  and misanthropical stokes. Grays, dark blues and black. Aimless and half-ass. I'm not sure if it's just the weather causing my foul mood or if there are other nefarious forces lying in wait, ready to spring in action, but either way, the work took a temporary turn toward the dark side today.


Carla said...

I'm hitting peak winter burnout.

Carla said...

I feel incapable of normal thought or interactions.

word veri: fumin