February 11, 2011

Form over Function

As I'm now in the third season living with a non-functioning pool, I am aware that it provides me with more visual pleasure than were it a functional pool. Although I've been documenting the pool in different conditions, I haven't been doing it methodically or with any kind of eye for composition. Maybe I will try to get better at both of those things and overcome my anti-formalism MO in the process.

Before the freeze, there were 2 bullfrogs and a turtle living in there. 

On a separate note, I've been doing artwork inventory slowly, very slowly, for works stored back in LA. Office tasks are incredibly tedious for me and I wish I had an assistant to do them. Then again, I was so tired after working the other day, I wished I had someone do yoga for me. I finally bought an anti-fatigue mat for the studio. That should help.

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Carla said...

Suburban swamp.