February 03, 2011

REPOST: Old Works or I Make Benches.

I found some old photos of some offshoot works circa 1990. I was into Arte Povera and was scavenging materials from abandoned and torn down buildings in Chicago. Anselm Kiefer was showing at the Art Institute and Christian Boltanski had shown at MCA. I wasn't really into sculpture, but was simply following the materials. The art bench no longer exists. If I come across a color photo of it, I will re-post. The found wood had been painted and was weathered naturally. I embellished very little, more or less just matching what was already there. Note my love of casters is just beginning. I categorized this as art. REPOST: Just found it in color:

I may have posted an image of this bench a few years ago, but due to a engineering flaw I discovered when a heavy-set neighbor sat on one end, I had to shorten the bench. I made it from scrap wood. I categorized this as furniture.

Sometimes, or who am I kidding, most all of the time, I am conflicted about holding an MFA in art. I can't give it back. The art bench was made while living in Chicago. In the interim between receiving my BFA and my MFA, I worked in my studio, visited museums, and for the most part thrived through self-education. Everything was exciting and possible.

I think the core of my work is still the same no matter what I do. I like to make things from nothing.


Carla said...

Always keep a little mud on one boot.

M.A.H. said...

^ I love that expression. Never heard it before. I tried to google it, but nothing came up. I take it to mean something like always hang onto some rudimentary skills, or remember where you came from, or that I should make benches in the mud.

Carla said...

You just made my day. I was hoping I had just coined a classic phrase, in the here and now!

Carla said...

I have a mental picture of keeping one foot planted on my own individual turf, as I open myself to all sorts of other influences. I especially try to keep this in mind regarding art world influences.

"Always keep one foot in Rocktown" was in the running, but I feel I must limit how much I use that, since it's my blog.

M.A.H. said...

ding ding ding, we have a winner!
Stellar idiom. sounds like it's been around for ages.

It's rings as both humbling and practical.

Harrison Ford was quoted as saying "always keep your boots muddy," but i believe that means always keep your ear to the ground.

Hey, Good luck with that winter storm. We're looking at near gale force winds later today and tomorrow. Can't wait to see how my dead tree limbs react. Perhaps there will be a tidal wave.

Steven LaRose said...

love "Always keep a little mud on one boot."

That second bench is handsome.

Nomi Lubin said...

Ding ding ding, I agree.

Like these benches.

(My word is "ireless. Um, not...oh well.)

M.A.H. said...

thanks all. I'm gearing up to make a couple more one of these days.

Nomi Lubin said...

Do you really know carpentry, or could I make a bench too?

Well, there's plenty in between "really knowing carpentry" and me. Like the whole continuum with me at the know-nothing end. But still.

M.A.H. said...

You can make a bench too. measure twice, cut once. I winged it. I thought it a rather clever design though. I'd like to take some woodworking classes. No, I don't really know carpentry. I know some basics. My 1st husband was really good at building things and the wood shop was in or loft so maybe I picked up some stuff, and I used to watch This Old House.

M.A.H. said...

"in OUR loft"