May 27, 2008

hello my pretties.

Right, I'm kind of obsessing about shoes. I'm trying to write a grant. Not for shoes, but seriously, wouldn't that be great if I could? I mean the real reason I need shoes is because I trash mine in the studio.

I'm having some concentration issues today. Obviously.


Carla said...

Those are great shoes.

Grants for shoes? Well, yes, this is very do-able. Here in Indiana, we have a "Creative Renewal" grant. They give about 50 each time (bi-annually) at $7500.00/each. The guidelines are such that these are primarily vacation grants. They want the local yokel artists to get out and go somewhere and hopefully return a tad less yokely.'s open to arts administration as well. One grant recipient, a secretary I think, went around the country, visiting various places, and bought a pair of shoes in each city.

I have a bit of an attitude about never qualifying, not that I need shoes or a vacation.

M.A.H. said...

OMG! What I would give for a grant like that. Shoes and a vacation! Everyone needs shoes and a vacation. Seriously, that's a pretty cool grant.

I'm pitching for materials. Trés boring.

Steven LaRose said...

some day,
I am going to stand in the same room with carla and mary.

It will likely take some stretching, but, I will be expecting glorious shoes.

(oh and the paintings were cool too)