December 21, 2013

OPS Field Notes, Day 1:

I announced a new project the other day. Working title: Other People's Stuff. (OPS). Practical and to the point. I'll be dedicating some posts to the process and its evolution. 

Dec 18th, 2013: 
I packed my plein air bag and gear the night before, but had to make a phone call first thing in the morning. At the last minute, I decided my hair was simply too dirty to go out in public and I gave it a quick wash. Less then two miles from my house/studio I got busted by radar for speeding.

The set-up was easy. I brought exactly what I needed. I thought I might spend more time wandering around or being curious what people had hidden in the closets and drawers, but after painting still lifes in my own space, I decided nothing is more interesting than something else. It's more important to just paint, otherwise I'll start making judgements. 

I settled on the bedroom. Once I started painting, I lost track of time, but I worked for about 3 hours until I got to a stopping point. I continued working on the painting back in the studio. 

Once home, I primed panels for the next session and finally started working on the large painting.

In less than four days, I've booked three new sessions with two more to be confirmed. I am excited. I like the detachment and no-nonsenseness of it. This is my dream job. I need a uniform. 

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