December 01, 2013

Art Basel and The Great Miami Countdown. T minus 3.

It's Sunday. I had to run out to the mothership yesterday and purchase a brand new usb cable for my iPad. The dog ate the connector off my not-so-old one.

I'm going to be covering the art fairs for a couple of other artblogs this year. I thought it time to branch out, develop a broader audience. Deets to follow with links of course.
I'll also be tweeting live at @maryaddhackett.

Meanwhile as prep work, I made it through maybe 2 hours of online Basel yesterday before experiencing sensory overload. I filtered "painting." At least I think I filtered painting. At a certain point I wondered what I would wear and began looking at random images of previous fair-goers. Lest you think I am an uncultured rube, I've averaged one art fair a year, more or less steadily since I was 26. Leaving a margin of error for exaggeration, that put's me at about 15 art fairs. Still, when the fair is 4 blocks away from your workplace or 2 miles from your studio, it's like picking up a carton of milk on the way home. When it involves flying to Miami, I suddenly feel like I need a bikini wax and some gold-strapped sandals.

Back to Art Basel. The downloading of gargantuan files from the website prevented me winning the most patient blogger award. I switched over to the Art Basel app, which was still kind of buggy, but much better.

Nada Miami Beach is not to be missed. As a preview, I'm crushing on Club Paint, Jane Corrigan, Ryan Mosley and Daniel Heidkamp. I mistook a work by Ariel Dill for Charlene Von Heyl.

More tomorrow.

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