July 09, 2012

Sigh of relief...

My job as keeper of the furniture is coming to a close. Oh, not immediately, and not all at once, but we're phasing out that the division of guilt and burden. For a reasonable fee, and less bullshit then therapy, I got a bonus track from an appraisal expert who summed up our session by telling me that I needed to get on with my life, let go of the furniture, and make room for my studio. I know this. Other people have said as much, but having a non-partisan professional evaluate the sitch made it seem manageable. I have a plan. I am on a mission. I have research to do, but all is good. I will be implementing a stricter schedule and a manageable division of labor: 1 part day job as a purveyor of antiques and old books studio to 2 parts artist specializing in kick-ass paintings. And pretty soon, voila, the division of guilt and burden will be gone.

editor's note: I made need to tweak that ratio in order to GTD in a timely manner. 

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