July 04, 2012

I had forgotten about these paintings, part 1.

I'm spending lot of time working in the house this summer going through things STILL. I am getting stuff done, but it's hard. Yesterday, I got a grip on the table linens. I'm also trying to clean up my digital files and came across these. These are all really tiny paintings.  

Peephole, 2010
Someone bought this for their wife as an anniversary present.  

Trefoil, 2010

Wig, 2010

The Intellectual, 2010

I may have deemed the paintings from this group too whimsical. The curlicue brushstrokes were summoned from a sudden Joan Mitchell craving I had when I first moved here in 2010. I'm still reading her bio. I'm slow. 

I think all this work is under the chop saw covered in sawdust. I'll go check now.... 

...Yes. They were all under the chop saw table covered in sawdust. It's good to be inspired by older work. I remember almost throwing them out. I'm going to paint today. 

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