July 01, 2012

I love when I am rewarded for hard work.


...and getting paid for the sale of a painting pretty much capped off my day. And although sea salt caramel gelato may sound tasty, make no mistake- it's to die for.

My new website is up and running, hence the gelato reward. It's not complete- I still need to upload some paintings from the archives, and some basic stats, but I'm really happy with icompendium for designing a clean and simple website platform for artists. Intuitive, fast, easy, and elegant. I'm breaking it down into years, except the pools and flowers paintings get their own heading, as will self-portraits, I don't want to make a distinction between abstract and representational/figurative because that line gets too blurry and is moot. I could edit out some images. Maybe leave some of the really tiny works off? As I go further back in time, I'll keep it lean, though the website offers some really useful features for inventory. I still don't have scans of early, early slides, so at this point it's not functioning as an archive. Thoughts?

I ran today. Yeah, right. I copped out just under 3 miles, and it wasn't even close to noon. Tomorrow.

Addendum: Today's trail run was less than stellar. It's really just too hot. 


Carla said...

I like the grouping of the work.

Is there any way to have the thumbnails in the right viewing pane be across the bottom? I ask because the main image being viewed is nearly cut in half for me. I must scroll down to see the rest of the image. If I must scroll, I'd rather it be to reference the thumbs for the group.

It looks good, congrats.

MaryAddison Hackett said...

To scroll or not to scroll.

What size monitor are you on?
I am on a 13" laptop & my display settings are 1280 x 800. I have to scroll down to see the last one inch and the title info, which I did find a bit annoying, but not much I could do unless I want the vertical images to be around 460 tall.

I figured people would scroll thumbnails and then open what they wanted to see. I tried putting the index pane at the bottom, but on my laptop, it's completely cropped out unless you scroll down. There are some other layout options. I might try a couple of others. Thanks. My next issue is whether to subgroup the 2008-2009 paintings into small and large