July 05, 2012

I had forgotten about quite a bit of stuff, part 2.

Holy crap. 100° in the studio yesterday. Here's how I knew it was too hot:
1. Sweat dripping off my face while in a stationary position.
2. I took a sip of espresso. It was the last sip. But here's the catch. It was yesterday's espresso, or possibly the day before's. I only realized this because it tasted a bit harsh. The cup itself and the liquid were hot, but I remembered that my current cup was on  the palette table.

I came inside to work on sorting through stuff.

I spent a few hours in circa 1984 1894. I came across a scrapbook from my great grandmother's. Most everything was dated between 1984 1894 and the first decade or so of 1900.  It was carefully preserved with tissue wrapped around it and folded inside a paper bag. It was made out of an old textbook. Inside, glued to the pages were poems and scripture, clippings, photographs, births announcements, death announcements, more poems, letters, some locks of hair, dried flowers, some drawings pasted on the pages, and the color, red-orange. I composed myself and kept plowing through. It was a beautiful find. This goes in the keeper pile.

Sometimes, I feel like the only teller at the Bank of Memories.


Carla said...

An 80+ year scrapbook, amazing.

Only teller at the Bank of Memories - nice.

MaryAddison Hackett said...

I just caught my correction: 1894- scrapbook is about 118 years old.