January 10, 2011

Random thoughts for the day:

According to the IP addresses, it seems rather odd that someone who googled zeb wright and found my blog would also be interested in visiting my website. several times.

My dog makes me laugh.

The snow is beautiful.

I dislike the cold.

I still have a dead rodent in my bathtub drain. Okay, no, it was not a dead rodent, just the usual gunk. I'm not traumatized anymore.

Getting ready to work on watercolors for the first time in forever.

I've been oddly happy the last 24 hours over super simplistic things- like fresh snow, birds, an email from a stranger that made me laugh out loud this morning, my dog doing funny things like handing me a dishtowel that I did not know had fallen on the floor, and maybe some other stuff that in reality I am clueless about. how I should feel. I dont know why these things have made me smile, but they have.

I've lost 2 items I'd like to find. One is an old photograph I found in a stack around here a few years ago. It's precious, and I scanned it for safe keeping, but it's not quite the same as the original. It's totally sentimental and I may have thrown away the original this summer for that very reason. The second item is a piece of cardboard that says, "Careful, I'm fragile." I have carted this piece of cardboard around with me for years. Oddly enough, it relates to the photograph, though not directly. It's from a Frito-Lay packaging box. It usually lives in my studio, thumb tacked to the wall, but with all the moving this summer, who knows. Both of these items are from long ago. Of all the items to throw away, these were so sentimental that it would have been a conscious act of rebellion to toss them, and therefore, it is possible in a low mood, I might have done just that. I may have thought I shouldn't be fragile anymore. I may have thought I shouldn't be nostalgic over an old photograph anymore. The images are burned into my memory, but I want the physical object, even though in both cases, the object is just a representation of a feeling. I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for these items last night. Not a total waste of time, as I also threw away a bunch of stuff that was just plain trash.

I'm going to eat cake now, and then scan some more of M.Thackston Addie, vis., miniature paintings.


Nomi Lubin said...

Oh, this is the post I couldn't get a comment onto the other day. Now, what did I want to say?

I think I wanted to ask why you'd need to throw away a photo because it's sentimental? Isn't that the main reason to have photos?

I too would want the physical object and be upset at not finding it.

M.A.H. said...

So many things around here are sentimental. Maybe I'm going overboard, and not thinking toward a time when I would want to look back on my life. Right now, I want to be light.