January 22, 2011


An anonymous person left this on my door, which rather creeped me out. It's a piece of Jehovah's Witness literature, but from someone with only adequate cutting and folding skills. 

I had a small appliance fire this evening. For no reason, a table lamp burst into flames and then extinguished itself. Both the socket and the bulb base were charred. It still smells funny. 


Steven LaRose said...

I think the anon paper piece could be more random than the lamp burst. People are imps and do things because they can, light bulbs however, do things because the wiring is faulty.

M.A.H. said...

The lamp is only about 7 years old. It has a 2-way switch clicker thing on the cord. Max wattage is 60. I put in a 25 watt replacement bulb awhile back. The other night I heard a small pop moments after turning the light on, but nothing else unusual. Light still fine. A couple of days later, I heard same pop, but this time decided to replace the bulb, did so, and it burst into flames a few moments later. I'm thinking it has to do with the 2-way socket and my one-way lightbulb. Lamp was Ikea.

I wasn't suggesting it was a ghost, though that same night, a door I had closed kept coming ajar. Have I mentioned my home is on a confederate battlefield and that there is an unmarked cemetery on the adjacent lot? Probably not.