January 09, 2011


THE GOOD, in no particular order:
The paperwork scenario seems manageable at this point and I wired the office for sound. My alter ego sold another painting from the sales blog and I'm legit in Nashville with my business license. The residency is a go, but no keys as of yet. I'm finally up to running 5K, and although I didn't beat my PR today, I braved the frigging cold and ran. My best pace to date has been 9:34 and I'm excited about that. I think I can do a little better once it gets warmer. Depending on the layers, the route, and my mood, I'm averaging about 10:15. I also trolled through some really old pics this weekend. High school, college days. A couple pics were downright endearing. Ah, youth. Maybe one day I'll post. I both hate and love when I discover an old slide for a work I no longer have and consequently would have forgotten about until I saw the slide. But since I don't have a slide scanner, I can't post it either. From the same era, I came across this one. It's my undergraduate studio, I think it was my last semester when I was cramming Painting II and Painting III together. Yes, I painted on the backs of canvases. 1983.

The accounting has consumed me and I haven't painted since I last posted a painting. I despise the cold and am stymied that I ever have lived in a land where the temp drops below 40 and white stuff falls out of the sky. Having a home studio makes this even more difficult, as I don't want to leave when it's wet, cold, or dreary, and why, yes, this is a problem. I'm trying to figure out the studio situation- home studio vs, residency studio. I'm thinking about having the residency be a works on paper studio, but I may swap that out and have the residency be an all out painting studio while the home studio focuses on works on paper. It's hard to say. Since I never leave the house. We may never know.

Warning: not for the faint of heart. after taking a nice hot bath, I'm puttering around on this cold winter day and notice that my bathtub is taking much longer to drain than usual. Granted, I've been aware that it hasn't been draining properly, but at $95 an hour, I was holding out on calling a plumber to snake it. So...I place my hand over the drain and don't feel any sucking draining action. So...I pull out the drain stopper and there's this mongo mass of hairfur wrapped around it. As I make out nose and ears, and presumably, eyeball sockets, I shriek. Yes, gentle reader, a decomposing mouse was entwined in my bathtub drain stopper, the very bathtub drain at the foot of the bathtub I had just bathed in. My hand missed touching it by a mere inch or two. I shrieked again, called the plumber, and took a shower in the other bathroom. Grossed out is an understatement.

I couldn't bring myself to photograph it, mainly because every time I looked at it, I screamed.

Repeat after me:
I am not traumatized by what lurks in my pipes.
I am not traumatized by what lurks in my pipes.
I am not traumatized by what lurks in my pipes.
I am not traumatized by what lurks in my pipes.


Nomi Lubin said...

Oh my God. Why didn't you warn me? Oh, you did.

Damn, that is .. .

Ok. One day, one day that cannot yet quite be conceived of, this will just be a story, a good story.

(Oh, congratulations on The Good.)

Carla said...

I love seeing early work. That studio shot is revealing, in terms of your then, and later, immersive involvement.

Your running schedule really ramped up quickly, especially for running in the cold.

M.A.H. said...

Plumber can't get here today due to snow.

To date-WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART-I thought my grossest mouse story involved a can of turpentine that I left my paint brushes soaking in for like 2 weeks while I was working my day job. (I was a waitress on Amtrak one summer). When I got back, I kept smelling a funny odor, but couldn't figure it out. Finally I located the odor, and picked up one of my brushes to swirl around in the can. I felt this weird mass. I was so broke, that I cleaned and sterilized all my brushes instead of throwing them out.

Carla said...

Clearly you've been holding back, letting me believe that I am the grossest girl around.

I vote story #2 as the worse.