January 01, 2011

New Year, day one, resolutions.

Whew. Rough one. Funny, because I thought 2009 was a doozy.
I've been going over some resolutions. After thumbing through the society pages, I've decided that just once in my lifetime, I'd like to wear a taffeta ball gown and possibly some mascara to a fancy event supporting a good cause. I'd like to do this before my neck starts wrinkling. My hair will look really good. Someone will snap my picture and it will be flattering. In lieu of that happening, I'd like to support as many local art events as I can this year. I vow to wear mascara or eyeliner and conceal my dark under eye circles before leaving the house. I  will make the best art I can make this year. I will not limit myself or make art that I think I should make; I will simply make the art. I won't get confounded if I start making a representational painting and it turns abstract or vice versa. During office hours, I will efficiently market and promote my art.  I will be open to change. I will not make fun of good design. I will teach the dog that although his name has a nice ring to it and makes his ears perk up, the purpose of his name is to pay attention to the command I give following his name, and to carry out that command with precision timing. I will go to Miami for the art fair next year. I will stay in touch with people and make more phone calls. I will be a more outgoing artist and polish my social skills. I will run at least 12 miles every week. I will finish the wallpaper room or paint over it, but one way or another, I will deem it finished. I will paint somewhat larger again. I will take more risks this year. I will attach the dvd player to the television and order Netflix. I will not bitch about the cold or rain. I will complete at least 3 of my mad scientist projects. The wallpaper room will count as one. Oh, and one more...I've decided to sign all 2011 paintings on the front. 

More to come. 

Today was a good day, well-rounded. Highlights: made cornbread, black-eyed peas and collard greens; ran 3.1 miles and averaged a 9:34 mi pace;  worked on 3 paintings in the studio without getting stuck too much on what the paintings were about; laundry. 

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Carla said...

I need to borrow your list. Not having made a list, nor reflected upon things in any way, I bought both ice cream and large candy bars yesterday.