September 10, 2008


Yes, I've been in one. You probably hadn't noticed. I've been covering it up so well with all the glam shots of my vegan baking and the incredibly dry, Saturday Lunch Documentation Project.

So I'll play armchair psych with myself and make some observations-
Food is comforting.
Cooking, and especially baking is comforting.
Routines are comforting.
Knitting is comforting and I'll more than likely be starting another skirt very, very soon.

There does come a time when even a gesture is not fast enough and there's too much lag time between squeezing out the paint, picking up a brush and making a mark. Or when paint is simply not enough. I guess my comfort level depends upon how much space is between me and my art, between me and my life. Writing comes to the rescue when painting is too mute a form of documentation. Video, readymades and photographs can fill in the blanks.

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