August 29, 2008

Bear with me while I hijack my art blog into a teaching resource blog.

I've been trolling for images for my drawing class and came across this site, called Tracey:
  • Is the teaching of drawing distinct from the teaching of art and design?
  • How much can a finished drawing tell us about its evolution?
  • Should notions of composition, inter-relatedness and 'pictorial balance' be taught to students?
  • Does the worth of the drawing reside in the viewer? Does it reside in the context of the production or use of the drawing?
  • Do famous artists ever make lousy drawings? Who's going to tell them if they do?
I like questions. They're good.

Oh wait, I just found this one:
  • Does representation have a magical function?
hehehe. That cracked me up.


Steven LaRose said...

That's cool. The hijack and the Tracey link.

Carla said...

Hey Mary, I just linked to your Tracy link.