May 13, 2014

Saved by the 404

I'm not really into juried exhibitions, but I thought a couple of self-portraits might actually do well and since someone suggested I enter... "enter." Really? Enter? I know there's a history of artists entering competitions. There's also a history of men wearing top hats and paintings hanging forty feet high near the ceiling. And then I notice that according to the rules, my self-portraits had expired. They were no longer relevant in today's fast-past crazy cutting edge art world. Yes, rules— (Competitions are so not me, can you tell?) I sent a email to the director asking about the grey area- the last couple of months of 2011. I half-expected a feel-free-to-interpret "Since 2011" as-being-inclusive-of-at-least-some-of-2011 reply, but no, they were not eligible. And at this rate, my paintings are almost obsolete by the time I finish them. I thought about lying, fudging the truth. Why not? Everyone does it and I'm guessing half the entries will look like 1987, anyway.  Late 2011, is like, what- two months from 2012? But there, inked on the back of the frame, was the date, November  2011- all nice and official-like from the framers. So screw it, and then I thought, okay, fine, I'll play nice and enter a 2013 portrait, but luckily someone hacked the site or just forgot to update it and so my brush with competitions came swiftly to an end.

Self-portrait with California, 2011 (November, for God's sake)

Self-portrait with Volunteers, 2011 (again, November, for God's sake)
I would have smoked the competition but these are from 2011, so according to the rules they are unable to represent the pulse of Southern art today.

 By way of titles, you may have guessed they are about place. 

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