May 12, 2014

Google Alerts: A Primer, and Notes from the Summer Studio.

The good thing about Google Alerts is that occasionally you are alerted to useful information about yourself. Which goes hand-in-hand with doing screen grabs should you need said info at a later date. Information just falls in my lap occasionally. Business as usual. Hopefully, it will all be good.

Yesterday was a decent, if not arduous studio day. After three or four days of sweeping silt from the last flash flood, I managed to carve out a spot in the garage also known as the, for now- summer studio, without kicking up dust with every step. For the most part, the garage is a good studio, especially after working inside for like a thousand months of winter. Through the pollen fallout, I still curse the roofers who installed ridge vents and yes, the flash floods and temperature extremes make it inoperable most of the year. Basically, I'm giving myself two weeks out there. At dusk, I broke down the painting session and moved everything to higher ground inside the house, lest a freak rain storm occur over night. Today, I was on my way to set everything back up but first needed to order some frames, at which point I received the Google Alert and became distracted enough to eat breakfast and get a blog post published. Carpe diem.

work from the summer studio, still in progress

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