May 06, 2014

in review:

I began training for a half marathon, after not running for 2 years. Today, within 1/10 of a mile, my legs felt like glass shards, or wooden splinters. Pick whichever sounds more painful. I may have overtrained last week. Today was a bust.

Tomorrow marks my last day of wages on a W-2. I have decided NOT to renew my vow of poverty and I am stepping down from the pyre, foregoing the latter stages of martyrdom.  I am leaving academia. For the summer. 

Common features of stereotypical martyrdoms[6]
A hero
A person of some renown who is devoted to a cause believed to be admirable.
People who oppose that cause.
Foreseeable risk
The hero foresees action by opponents to harm him or her, because of his or her commitment to the cause.
Courage and Commitment
The hero continues, despite knowing the risk, out of commitment to the cause.
The opponents kill the hero because of his or her commitment to the cause.
Audience response
The hero's death is commemorated. People may label the hero explicitly as a martyr. Other people may in turn be inspired to pursue the same cause.
I'm also getting out of job #3, the antique trade. I'm unable to overwork myself for three jobs anymore. I'm quitting. Cutting out the fat. blah blah blah. 

I've almost finished the April large painting and I completed a short essay. Hopefully I will be able to resume running again tomorrow and begin the next painting.

I need a camera.

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