January 12, 2013

Yoga Day 13.

Today was a twofer. I went to flow practice. It was great. My jumps back to plank felt perfect and I lowered down into Chaturanga Dandanasa as though I was born to hover. Hip openers are still the bane of my existence, hence, a tattoo on my ankle written in Japanese characters that means "patience." It only means patience when I look at it with my legs crossed in pigeon pose. Otherwise it's gibberish. I could have chosen a turtle or some other symbol for patience, or criminy, even gothic lettering that would have looked like I did time, but I played it safe with the Japanese character thing. Oddly enough I was inked years ago on an MLK holiday and my plan was to get a new one every year. At some point, a Japanese artist told me it meant endurance. He thought I was into scarification because I had a fresh scar from a drunken shaving accident on the opposite ankle. At the time, I was doing a residency in the Netherlands, as was the Japanese artist. Although I don't drink anymore, I don't shave while standing up either. I've thought about camouflaging my oh so trite Japanese characters meaning patience, but the story of pigeon pose + drunken shaving and endurance still makes me laugh, and the whole package is just too good of a reminder about a lot of things, so I don't. However maybe another tat this MLK.

But back to my twofer. I am practicing at a new yoga studio that has an amazing introductory offer, so after my amazing flow class I stayed for the super amazing restorative class. Props. Props. Who's got props. The instructor was so good I cried. Embarrassing yes, but there I was in a triple supported child's pose getting a bit teary as she talked about acceptance and change and that part of change was maybe accepting where one was. Ouch. I'm not a particularly touchy-feely person, though I'm sensitive as hell, but that was a little to close to home, literally speaking.

On the way home I stopped in a new vet to check out their boarding facilities for the furry guy. Everyone seemed nice and the place had a good vibe. I feel like we're the family that keeps moving or changing schools when the kid gets in trouble. He's really a good guy, just special.

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