January 05, 2013

And we're off...

Dear Ms. Hackett,
Thank you for submitting your materials to ______ for review.  I am most appreciative of the quality and seriousness of your work.  Regretfully, we find that it is not a good fit with our contemporary program. I wish you the very best with your future endeavors.


Blah Blah, 
Director of Contemporary Art
Blah Blah Blah
Blahblah, Blah

Addendum: I should add that the perplexing issue is one of being a good fit for their "contemporary" program. Perhaps I need to ditch the late 19th century props and add some more buzzwords to my statement again. Or go back to abstraction. There's always that. Contemporary. Jeesh. Like what- as opposed to an anachronistic program?


Elaine Mari, Painter and Drawer said...


Mery Lynn said...

Maybe we should gather artists' rejection letters and paper a room with them?