January 08, 2013

Alla Prima

One of my goals for the New year is to commit to an Alla Prima practice. Wait, you say. What about toiling days and weeks on end over a painting by building the surface through scrapping, exfoliating, indecision, moments of clarity and in general, the mayhem and Protestant work ethic we've come to know and love.

2013. The Year of Letting Go.

My goal then is to start and finish every painting within a couple of sessions, or as long as I can work wet-in-wet (say, on a larger painting).

I realize I may break from this, but it is a goal and I'm very excited by the first 2 paintings of the year.
DETAIL from the First Painting of 2013. 

Also, let it be noted that I'm practicing yoga seriously again, setting aside an hour every day. Flexible body, Flexible Mind.

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