June 08, 2012

Post show life.

Spent all day yesterday upgrading to Snow Leopard to Lion and then doing the iCloud migration. Got some studio time in during downloads and installs. I am painting somewhat larger. It's fine. You'd think I'd be all like whoa, I'm working bigger again, look at me, but t's not that big of a deal. Neither was the iCloud. For some reason I thought I would be transported to some kind of virtual Xanadu. The bigger brushstrokes feel like I'm cheating. Bigger brushes. Bigger brushstrokes. I missed the small brushes so I pulled them out anyway at the risk of being less brushy and expressionistic. Plus the scale isn't that huge.  Maybe I'm in the doldrums. I love looking at the dog when he's asleep. He always looks lighter, like he might be a rag doll dog. Pretty impressive for 80 pounds of handsome mutt. Lost compatibility with several pre-Cambrian software versions and need to prioritize what is urgent enough to upgrade. Moved into summer studio, aka the garage. High ceilings. Windows. Dust.  My hedge trimmers finally gave out.  I say finally as thought it just happened. No, I think they gave out last year.  I'm sure the neighbors have noticed this. Went on my fourth trail run this evening. And for the record, Mr. iCloud, I would never leave that little piece of torn paper stuck there on a real desk calendar, and I am unable to use an X-acto knife on my monitor.

Headed to the studio now.

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