June 09, 2012

Post Show Life V2.

Moved into the summer studio yesterday. Spent the morning sweeping dead bugs and silt into a pile. I like it in there. The phrase "I can breathe" comes to mind, but it's really dusty so I'm not being literal. It just felt peaceful and unharried. I'm going to divide some of the indoor peace lilies and take a couple out to the studio to see how they fare. Supposedly peace lilies are good detoxifiers, according to NASA.

Setting up shop. Home is where the Palette Table is.

Speaking of homes, someone had a nice home this winter. Up close it's looks like an igloo made out of insulation. I feel bad now. If only they hadn't tried to trade up. 

I heard a thump.

...and lifted my apron. He is so stealth. I can take a hint. 

And so it goes. 
Note: I still don't know why I am painting so tight. I thought the bigger canvases would mean bigger brushes without needing to worry about the edges so much. I'm kind of irked by this compulsion of mine. 

Nonetheless, it was a good day. 

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Steven LaRose said...


That is how you make a blogpost.

I particularly enjoyed the "I heard a thump" segment

ps. I am a very sneaky robot.