April 06, 2012

My idea of social practice: coffee and watercolors.

Studio Coffee Break is back. New location.

Originally intended to as a way to break up the isolation of a studio practice, I began Studio Coffee Break at my former studio back in 2008 as a forum for an open discussion, or just an excuse to be social without the commitment. I've added watercolors/drawing to this one, and the man behind the counter makes a great cup of capp.

Join me for coffee or bring a field kit of supplies or whatever if you want to paint or draw. Email for dates, times, and location if you want in.


Elaine Mari, Painter and Drawer said...

what a great idea, too bad Nashville is so far away. Maybe some day you could organize a Skype Coffee Date. Group drawing, I quake at the thought, but I never let that stop me.

MaryAddison Hackett said...

Back in Culver City, I did Skype. I was thinking about that, but not sure if they have wi-fi. Plus drinking, drawing, face to face and and skyping might be more than I can handle. I will let you know though!