April 24, 2012

Best in Show goes to the Long-haired Art Shepherd for exhibiting outstanding form while working.

The dog intuitively knows what to herd and guard. Good Boy. 

Shipping and packing mode, part III.
Today I made an economical box and shipped the three paintings in the foreground. It wasn't that difficult, but the trick was making the box look nice after amputating two sides and re-attaching them after the surgery. The guy at FedEx was impressed when I told him I made the box.

Only one show left to pack and ship.

I am working on some paintings from the Wall of Shame- paintings from the last few months that by all accounts look hopeless. I am always excited by these. The fact that I have a batch instead of one or two is quite promising.

Things are going well.

1 comment :

Carla said...

Otto has come a long way.

I'm also eyeing a few years worth of bad boys, and exited about reworking them.