April 17, 2012

Approximately 48 paintings

Selecting paintings is slow work. I can see why people use maquettes. I have two grouping on the floor. Facing south is one solo show; facing north is another. There are approximately 20 to 25 paintings  in each group. I only need 15 paintings in one group and no more than 20, perhaps only 15 in another. I need to cut 15 paintings out completely. I have removed 4- which wasn't much help because I added 2 more from a third group. I have arranged them by size to make writing the checklists easier. I have already removed one painting from the north facing group and placed it in the south facing group, which is no help because the south facing group needs the harshest cut. I am shipping those. The north facing group I am delivering by car. I can edit them after seeing the space. I have not seen the space and in fact it is being remodeled so even if I had seen the space, it would be moot. Floor diagrams are great for maquettes. One day I will make maquettes. They look fun. As it stands now, I like about 6 feet of wall space between my paintings. I'll take a tape measure with me and see if I have pulled that number out of thin air or whether I have an uncanny knack for guestimating space. I'm going with uncanny knack for guestimating space. I'm reluctant to let these go. I know they need to be in the world, but I feel strangely comforted by their presence. I have a 4th group of paintings, but fortunately the director made the final call on that one. In that group, I have 3 paintings ready to be packed and shipped. I feel very lucky. Very broke, too, because I want to attend 2 of the out of town shows. I've cashed in all my miles, but this was the year I promised I would say yes to everything. I'm looking forward to painting again. I've had to halt while I take care of the business side of things. In the studio I have 2 or 3 godawful paintings waiting to get to the next stage, but not this one.
This is a work on paper. It's not going to be in either show. One of these days, I should have a works on paper show. This is not a painting. It is a shelf. Schadenfreude.


Carla said...

Now that was a fun vicarious experience, imagining all these works spread out and in need of culling. (especially since I've crossed over into that place where the act of painting is completely foreign to me - it's been 3 months).

Congratulations on having all these shows, and especially having them all together. It's exciting, and I'd think practical, since you can switch back into work mode after just one big period of exhibition mode.

Will you be traveling then, to some of these, or still deciding?

Mery Lynn said...

Having too much work done for too many shows - what an enviable set of things to be worrying over.

MaryAddison Hackett said...

I don't know about the travel yet. It depends on a few things. I feel good about the work, but this is the first time I've had to splay out the work on the floor due to lack of wall space and I miss having semi-regular studio visits. Plus there's always the last few paintings I wish I had done them earlier because I think it's a new direction but then again, I'm not sure if they suck. If they don't suck, then I worry that the earlier work sucks. I should have a painting smackdown.

Mery Lynn said...

Pre show anxiety is often worse than post show deflation. Hang in there. Your work is good!!