June 06, 2011

I watched the Alice Neel doc last night


Steven LaRose said...

Cut off jeans! yes.

Elaine Mari said...

I laughed out loud at Otto checking on you.

Hot weather Studio Fashion, cutoff jeans, tank top, and apron worn with a necklace..

I like your portrait, I think I might try one again..

Mary Addison Hackett said...

Thanks Elaine. I think it captures some of me. I was kind of pleased for a first go. I need eyelashes. I've done one more, which I like though it's a bit awkward as well. I'm self-conscious about posting them.

Elaine Mari said...

Self portraits are like that, make you feel, self-conscious, lacking eyelashes. Oh well.

I like awkward.

I think posting work is a good way to work through things faster. For some reason I can see things better once I know someone else is looking at it too.


Nomi Lubin said...



Nomi Lubin said...

This has a naive power. Like "how do I make paint make a head?!?" The struggle.

What is missing formally is made up for in intensity and honest emotion and nakedness. And color.

Oh, and probably scale.