June 20, 2011

The Frog Story

Bullfrog #1

I think he's trying to communicate with me, and no, I did not kiss him. 

 Meanwhile on the other side...
Bullfrog #2

I'll be jumping around and backtracking, but the first line of reportage is an update on the pool and its inhabitants, which means that in order to tell you about that, I need to explain that a long time friend of mine from back in the UT painting days, OxBow, and then Chicago, came in town last Thursday for the night. Coincidentally, another friend of mine from Chicago asked if I would host a friend of hers who was in town doing the American Artisan Festival, and I said of course, since I consider hosting visitors in keeping with the spirit of my micro-residency. I sort of forgot they would overlap one night, but all was well. I had a clean house, the lawn was cut and of course, drum roll......... the pool was in full swing. 

Let me explain. About a week ago, I was giddy when I discovered that the snapper, who I now call Tyler Durden, was scrambling out of the water one day, checking out dry land, also known as the deep end of the pool. I was seriously mesmerized. I went to get my camera, but when I came back, he sensed me and quickly scrambled back in the water. The two bullfrogs, as you may recall, are masters of camouflage, so when I walk out, I don't see them at first, and by the time I spot them, they spot me, squawk, and jump back in the water. And thus, the status quo of life on the back 40 wetlands. Until today. 

I was showing Kate, my new hatmaker friend, the pool. (Here's Kate's facebook page called Strong Wear). We took pictures, of course. The lichen and moss are lush so we decided to climb down the shallow end, and low and behold Bullfrog #1 is sitting quietly off to the side. He does not jump when we descend, which is totally unusual. Bullfrog #2, also a master of disguises, goes undetected. He squawks and splashes into the water. Bullfrog #1 is still sitting, unfazed. Kate does this Laurie Anderson-like performance thing where she's moving closer to the Bullfrog #1, but in imperceptible increments. He does not move. She gets about 3 feet from him and starts taking his picture. He's just sitting there like no big deal. She wraps up the shoot, inches her way back up and then it's my turn to sneak down doing the same stealth performance routine. 

So here's the scene: Bullfrog #1 is on the far left side of the pool by the waterline, I am on the far right side. My plan is to descend to the waterline on the far right side and then do a crab walk over to the left side to cozy up to Bullfrog#1. I am about 1/3 of the way across when Bullfrog #2 jumps OUT of the water and lands maybe 3-4 feet from me. I am tripping. At this point I have both bullfrogs about equal distance on either side of me. Bullfrog #1 is more photogenic, so after a couple of shots of BF #2, I keep making my way toward BF #1.

It may not sound that exciting in prose form, but it was one of those special moments. 

I also sold the kayak today. Kate took it back to Chicago, from whence it came. Strange, huh? That kayak has seen Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, a few rivers, the Pacific Ocean, Lake Havasu, Mono Lake, and a few other lakes out west.  It has some good stories. So long and enjoy. 

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Carla said...

I want to hang out in your pool.