March 15, 2011

Hackett, Mary Addison

I admit it. I google my name every blue moon. Tonight, I belatedly discovered a post over at KCLOG with pictures from my 2010 show last fall at Kristi Engle Gallery, fabulously linked in the same post with the amazing, Steve Roden, a painter I, and many others admire. A big thanks to KLOG for the post!

I liked the simplicity of seeing, Addison Hackett, though as a first and last name, not as compound last name. In the last ten years, I've noticed how people tend to want to clump Addison with Hackett as a last name. It doesn't happen that often, but I always feel obligated to correct it, lest I wind up with a new last name at this point in my life. Quite possibly I am the only contemporary artist using three names, the middle of which is a middle name or as it's known around here, a double first name. Unlike standard issue double first names, such as Mary Sue, Mary Jane, or Mary Jo, I got Mary Addison. I happen to like all three of my names, but if I had to lose one, I'd probably lose Mary at this point. Not saying I will, but just saying I probably would.

Oh, and I suppose I should rally forth and have anyone who might be interested in following another ***HIGHLY ANONYMOUS** blog I started take note and be on the look out for an invite for the soft anonymous launch soon- via FB prolly. Hardly groundbreaking stuff, but thought it might be time to shake things up or down a bit. 


Carla said...

The Mary Addison takes a couple conscious tries, but then flows out pretty readily.

M.A.H. said...

Technically, it would be spelled, "M'Addison". We used to joke around because my mother made it sound like, "Mahaisson," all southern-like.

I have written a whole essay devoted to my name. It has not been published.

Nomi Lubin said...

My middle name is Spector.

M.A.H. said...

Very nice. Less syllables than maryaddison, but I imagine would be difficult as part of a double first name. I loathed the name 'Allison' as a kid because most people thought i was being introduced as mary allison.

My aunt shortened my name to M'Addison, but I never went official with that version. Big mistake looking back. I had a teacher in grade school tell me my name was too long. Go, authority figures, Go.

Nomi Lubin said...

Oh my god, those grade school comments that you never ever forget.

Spector is my mother's maiden name. She didn't want it lost.

When I don't use my real name online, I use Spector. But once Spector was taken, so I used NSpector. It was months before I realized that it looked like, sounded like, I was saying "inspector."

I think your full name sounds great.

M.A.H. said...

In Spector. haha. That's great. Addison's a family name, but always as a middle name for 3 gens or more. I swear, I'm going to lose "Mary." Name maintenance is too much work.

Nomi Lubin said...

Double first name. Is that a southern term? You know when you hear something once, then you start hearing it all over? Today a girl (young woman) used it too for what seemed like only the second time I've ever heard it. She's from rural Florida, central Florida. Mary Esther.

Do you really really think you could drop Mary? I hope not. Not that I don't like Addison Hackett. It's great. For a man! No, just kidding about that; I do like it. But I really love your three names together. Plus, it's your name! Plus...well, I cannot understand people being able to change their names.

(Also, though "M'Addison" is funny and clever in your case, if you did that, then you'd sound like the spoiled eight year old of some pretentious NY couple...)

Anonymous said...

Nomi, double first name is a southern term. I don''t think it's strictly rural. Other than family, most everyone called me Hackett, so sometimes it sounds funny when people call me Mary. It really all depends on how it rolls. My mom had the same name as me, though oddly enough it was not the one on her birth certificate. My aunt legally changed her name as a teenager I think- from Wilma to Billye.

Nomi Lubin said...

I had the feeling you weren't really called Mary....not sure from where. You might talk about it on here somewhere(?), but I am a new reader and haven't seen you write about that if you have. But, still, I got the feeling from somewhere.

M.A.H. said...

People call me Mary and some people call me Maryaddison. Some people call me M.A. which is the written version. Some people can pronounce it correctly, slurring it all together, and some people accentuate every, single, syllable, until even I have forgotten my name. I guess I have some freudian issues with my mom and I having the same name.

The ID theft stalker guy is till reading my blog btw. I can tell. I keep meaning to shut this down, but I've been in business over here for almost 6 years. We should keep super personal stuff to a minimum.