March 30, 2011

I just sent out an exhibition update and listed 2 out of 4 current & upcoming events as happening in 2010, not 2011.

I just found another typo. I swear I hit spell check and proofed at least 3 times. My career is over. In all seriousness, I need an office assistnat. assistant. Okay, now I'm being funny. But seriously, typos are no laughing matter. 
And just when I was so excited to have formatted it for mobile viewing. 
Here is the corrected version:

Just a quick update on current news and upcoming shows.
Mary Addison Hackett

Hi everyone, 

Just wanted to share some current news from my studio:
March 15- September 8, 2011
Nashville International Airport
Reception: April 6th, 3-6 pm
RSVP for reception required by March 30.
The paintings are hanging by the Southwest Terminal. If you're flying in, out, or through Nashville, take a peek. 

Santa Monica Museum of Art
Invitational exhibit and benefit
April 30-May 1, 2011
Santa Monica, CA
I've once again been invited to participate in Santa Monica Museum of Art's highly anticipated annual art exhibition and benefit. Each 8" x 10" work is signed on the back and artist identities are revealed only after purchase. All works are priced at $300. 

Everything's Coming Up Roses
WG News + Art
50 – 52 Dobbin Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
group show of works on paper 
Curated by Luisa Caldwell and Mery Lynn McCorkle
Reception: Friday, May 6, 2011   6 – 8 pm
May 7 – 28: Open Saturdays 12 – 4 or by appointment: 917 304-6213/917 656-6048/706 528-2306

I was awarded a year-long residency and exhibition at Cummins Station in downtown Nashville as part of their Community Arts Program. The residency began in February of 2011. My studio is a rehabbed train car and is open one day a week to the public. Feel free to contact me for a studio visit at the number listed below. I've been working on a series of abstract watercolors, and after two years of working on an intimate scale, I'm working large again. The exhibition will take place near the end of the residency, date TBA.

and later this summer...
Asynchronous Salon
4-person show
Herron School of Art and Design, Marsh Gallery
Indianapolis, IN 
August, 2011 Exact date tba
* I will be doing a live painting.

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Now hiring: proofreader, office assistant. 


Nomi Lubin said...

I can't believe you're going to do a live painting and hijack the whole show.

I am totally kidding and do not feel that way at all.


I HATE typos too. I REALLY do need someone else to look: I can never ever catch all of my own mistakes. I think a lot of people are like that. Tho, I am worse than average.

Anyway, corrected version looks great. (Not that I've read every word.) You sound important and in demand. Are you? :p

M.A.H. said...

Regarding typos: Ugh. I think typos are like the death knell for the lazy and the stupid, and those of us who aren't on meds. I'm working on an application now. It's common practice that typos and other neon indicators of slothfulness expedite the app into the circular file. I will have to proof it a bunch. I used to have a husband who would help me with that, but a proofreader will be easier to find on such short notice.

Regarding mailing lists and these sorts of announcements- Once I confided to another artist that I felt kind of silly keeping people informed of everything and my friend told me that (collectors) and I'll branch that out to all other parties, LIKE to be informed of what you're doing. That it's not just an ego trip of I did this or I'm doing that blah blah blah. So after that minor shift in perspective, I see these announcements as a way to thank people for supporting me. The majority of peeps on my list have indeed helped me sustain my art in some way or another. I don't include every tiny miniscule thing, as I've noted in the caveat in the footer. The blog is for that. : )

Regarding accents: I have not heard yours, but I imagine you as an Alice in Brooklynland type character. I mean that as a compliment.

Carla said...

I don't mind receiving repeated announcements either. It's a good concise but exciting blurb. I like it.

I find myself missing typos more often now, and often after repeated and careful proofreading.

Nomi Lubin said...

"but I imagine you as an Alice in Brooklynland"

Ha, but no. I do have a slight NY accent; I was born here and my family is from here. But I don't have a serious NY accent.

I did have a Long Island accent when I was younger. We moved from there to New Haven when I was 9. I have a tape of myself at 12 where I still have the accent.

And I do still say "Os" in words like forest, orange, horrible, like the sound "ah" instead of like the rest of the country which says "or."

(Btw, people think the "turdy turd and turd" Brooklyn accent is gone. Not! But really only older working class hardcore lifetime Brooklynites have it.)