March 24, 2011

As someone recently told me, "You only have your name and your work."

So I get a Google alert:

 and I click on it:

and I see my painting on the left, and a NOT my painting on the right. I click on the NOT my painting on the left. It takes me to the Julie Heller Gallery link:
I did some beach sketches once or twice when I was watching Matt do karate beach training. No one other than Matt has ever seen my watercolor beach sketches.

I went back to the Artnet main page and notice three dealers are selling my work. This would be good news if indeed three dealers were dealing my work. I click on the other dealer claiming to sell my work, Acme, Fine Art.

There I am again. Third column about half way down. Needless to say, it not's me. Some spider must have just typed in my middle name. There are actually quite a few artists named Mary Hackett out there. This particular one is from Provincetown, MA.

Artist: Hackett, Mary
Biography: (died in 1989) Well known and collected Provincetown "Folk Artist". Her works are part of the Provincetown Town Art Collection, PAAM and others. Very rare for any paintings by her to hit the open market. She showed regularly in Provincetown from the 1930s until her death in 1989, Mary Hackett has been described by Philip Hamburger in The New Yorker (September 9, 1996) as "a painter fools might label 'primitive' but whom those with eyes to see recognize as great."

Part of me wants to send an email letting the other two galleries know that Artnet is trying to link my work with them, part of me feels oh, hell, it's exposure. Once again, I tell you. I like all three of my names.

Artist: Hackett, Mary Addison
Biography: (still very much alive.)

It's CRUNCHTIME!!!!!! I have to get to the train car today and check on my gessoed canvases to see if they've finally cured after a week. If not, I'll be spending the rest of my life dissing a bad batch of gesso.
So much to do. I wish I had an assistant for administrative  work.

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