October 04, 2015

L cuts and dado cuts all in the same day, d'oh

...and I removed wallpaper and painted a room last month, officially saying goodbye to the last vestige of the room formerly known as Dining. There's still a chandelier in the center. There are two chairs and it makes a nice place to sit and look at art. That's the main purpose of the room and it's perfect. I painted the walls white. Alabaster, based on a recommendation. I wasn't sure about it at first, but golly, it works. I'm still partial to Dover in the office. Softer.

I don't think "finding balance" means divvying up work tasks evenly throughout the day, though I am beginning to find a rhythm between wood shop, paint studio, office, edit suite, and home maintenance— and in a way this makes everything feel less urgent. Like right now I'm at the espresso bar after cutting corners—seriously, I cut triangles this morning for the stretchers. I'm in the middle of re-stretching a canvas, building another stretcher and sorting through old handkerchiefs while conceiving the technical side of a new body of work in my head. This evening, I commence editing a video for a public arts proposal, and the proposal writing itself.

And so it goes. Hello October.

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