September 29, 2015

Installment #3 of the Studio Visit series: Meg Madison and her recent cyanotypes.

Thanks again to the Nashville Scene for giving some love to my micro-docs.
Great conversation with artist Meg Madison in Los Angeles. Click the link to view.

Behind the scenes in the editing process.
This one took much longer. I tend to think I can do it all on the fly and nail everything on the first pass. I'm learning not to rush myself as I shoot these, and I'm totally cool with asking for more elements when I need them. Meg generously provided me with additional stills so I could make the doc a little longer than the usual 3 minutes. She was prepping for two shows, so my timing was fortuitous, but I still needed some cutaways to make it less claustrophobic. After the fine cut was done, I opened it up for feedback. There were a few subtle changes after the rough cut— swapping out some conversation for clarity, tightening or loosening a scene for pace, and I lost a self-refererential bit in the middle, but I lived. And finally, the music thing. If I could have one person on my wishlist right now, it would be a sound person to record audio and a sound designer/mixer in post. Okay, two people, but a mixer would def streamline the process.

Gearing up for the 4th one, but had to divert some attention to office and studio work. It's my not so subtle cry for an assistant.

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