August 07, 2014

When I'm not here, I'm there.

My writing and my mail list has been a little lax lately, so here's the low-down of how to keep up.

At first my tumblr was going to replace this blog, but then it didn't, so I turned it into a bulletin board for sharing other people's works and then realized the same stuff by the same people kept showing up, so I went back to posting works in progress and such, and changed the design so that my favorites could show up in the side bar. That was win-win for awhile until I realized maybe we were in an era where "lifestyle" was more important than art, and thought, screw it I'll post lifestyle images as well. Because pretty much other than working in the studio, I was beginning to notice I didn't have a lifestyle.

Every now and then I feel pithy and post one-liners in 140 character or less. Some overlap with tumblr and instagram because I'm lazy. I've tried to embrace twitter coming up on six years. 613 tweets later, I'm still trying. It's like being lost in a parking lot and clicking the keys to find your car.

Lately I've been a daily Instagramer. Usually just stuff I notice. Maybe some teaser images for upcoming shows. Haven't yet figured out how to regram. Haven't tried.

Facebook. I am on FB, but don't use it for a public forum, except to post announcements. I deactivated FB mobile after realizing the insane TOS made it possible to take over my iPhone.

I've tried my best to avoid Pinterest, for fear of a massive timesuck.

And of course, the website. 

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