February 15, 2014

OPENING David Lusk Gallery

David Lusk Gallery
sat 1 mar, 5:30-9 pm
1-29 mar, 2014

OPENING, on view through March 29, includes approximately 40 works in a broad mix of media, including painting, sculpture, photography and installation. Artists are featured in OPENING: Bruce Brainard, Carroll Cloar, Maysey Craddock, Hamlett Dobbins, Wayne Edge, William Eggleston, Ted Faiers, Beth Foley, Huger Foote, Mary Addison Hackett, Tyler Hildebrand, Kathleen Holder, Leslie Holt, Paul McLean, Greely Myatt, Kit Reuther, Rana Rochat, Peggy Root, Mark Bradley-Shoup, Anne Siems, Jared Small, Kelly S Williams, and Tad Lauritzen Wright

For further information, a tour, and/or visuals, please contact Veronica at or Dane at

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