February 23, 2014

Dear Amtrak, If there is a Train God, I should have a really good shot at the #AmtrakResidency.

Yes, it's true, one of my more interesting gigs was as a dining car waitress one summer. And in case that's not enough to bag this gig, I met my half-sister for the first and only time when we had an overnighter in Seattle. And the guy who gave me his copy of Willa Cather's My Antonia out in the middle of nowhere when I told him I was an artist and a writer— I should bag a couple more points for that anecdote as well. And to take it back even further, right now in the studio, I am using a Pullman dining car towel from the last train ride out of Nashville. We didn't steal it. Promise. I swear I remember my mom asking if we could have it. There's more, but let's get me on that train with a laptop, shall we? 

Your truly, 

Mary Addison Hackett

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