March 27, 2013

Wednesday Day 5: Ramagen, Bonn

Highlights from Wednesday Day 5: Woke up in Bonn. I did a watercolor sketch of the view out the window.

Took the train to Ramagen to see the Hans-Arp Museum. Had coffee at the museum cafe. The museum was designed by Richard Meier. There was a Winter Impressionism show tied in with a bit about climate change. I'm still figuring out  how I feel about he motivation behind this. Corporate ploy, educational gimmick. or interesting juxtaposition? Matters not. It was lovely. Cameras were not allowed. I spent about (insert lost amount of time) doing quick sketches of about half the works in the show. No one noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Lunch back in Bonn at a vegetarian cafeteria. I'm beginning to lose track of the order of things. I think we stopped at AIB next and then through a graveyard on the way to the Auguste Macke House, and the Kunstmuseum.  Unfortunately the cafe was closed for dinner by the time we got there (6pm) so it was marzipan torte for me. The museum was open until 9 pm.


California: The Huntington Beach surf cam at the Hollister Store in Germany. 

 Gabriele Münter.  
vintage Polke




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